Pipe dream - Pentax K5 IIIs

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Pipe dream - Pentax K5 IIIs

Ya, pie in the sky day dream. 

I could see a K5 IIIs - pretty much keep things the way they are and add the improved engine and Safox 11 autofocus and metering, maybe a tweek here and there but not much else. Perhaps a newer version of the sweet 16 sensor and possibly improved electronics, but keep that 14.1 EV in DR or maybe better if the sensor tech has improved. Anything more might spoil the fun. Would have to be done with an elegant touch without making it a steroid pump up ready to crash. Keep it simple, and we would enjoy the best of both worlds of the K5 legacy - and now the K3.

Who knows what is possible?

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Pentax K-5 II
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