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Fixing Wiki

As a comparative newbie* to this hobby, I became dependent on Wiki to get reliable technical info about the fundamentals of digital photography.... at least until I developed the knowledge base to screen out some of the misinformation published in manufacturers' websites, popular photo websites, in DPR forums and in my camera's manual.

I am forever indebted to the very patient contributions by many reliable experts, some of whom contribute to this forum and to 1014 .

I just checked the Definition of Exposure (first paragraph) on Wiki and notice that it has been fixed! (per unit area.)  Wonderful. Thank you! That will save lots of newbies lots of time and gnashing of teeth.

There are a few other places where Wiki articles about photography could be improved:

1: aperture and f-stop The caption under the diagram of reducing apertures conflates "aperture" with "f-stop" reinforcing the common misunderstandings/misuse of the terms.

The same conflation causes the reader to conclude that the two terms are the same in the opening sentence (Lens speed refers to the maximum aperture diameter, or minimum f-number, of a photographic lens.) at

2: EV and EV(ISO 100)

Although the text of  is very useful and well written, it might help beginning photographers if the definition clearly stated that EV has nothing to do with the brightness of the scene.  It only defines the relationship of EV and two camera settings.   This is important as many people get into trouble equating (conflating) EV with EV(ISO 100) [especially when considering how dimly the AF will respond].

The above is properly dealt with in these two separate parts:


But the subscript (ISO100) needs to be made more obvious as it significantly alters the meaning of EV, obviously from a camera setting pair (EV) to a measure of scene luminance (EV-ISO100).

The text in footnote (a) reinforces the common (but incorrect) usage of EV.

3:  Exposure Metering Equation

The very important relationship between EV, ISO, Luminance and Meter Calibration is given here:

Unfortunately it is called "the exposure equation"  when it should be called the the Exposure Metering Equation because that is what it is!

There is a big difference between "EXPOSURE" and "METERING EXPOSURE". (or EXPOSURE METERING?)

"EXPOSURE" has nothing to do with ISO, being only a function of EV and L (Scene Luminance)

"METERING EXPOSURE" which has everything to do with EXPOSURE and ISO since it relates the EXPOSURE to output brightness.

The confusion between "Exposure" and "Exposure Metering" leads to many conceptual falsehoods, including the "Exposure Triangle" (which caused huge problems for a newbie like me starting to shoot RAW ... who needed to have a proper grasp of "Exposure" ).

Although there may be other places where Wiki articles about photography could be improved the above are glaring to me, a very inexperienced photographer, who lacks the context that most experienced photographers have.

Perhaps some of the reliable experts in this forum can help fix Wiki.

Many thanks,


* As a newbie I don't have the expertise to post at Wiki. These suggestions are made to help new photographers have an easier learning path than what I had.


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