Metering and Color Differences D810/DF

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Re: Metering and Color Differences D810/DF

AM4L wrote:

It would only matter for those not using LR.. you would then just ignore this if its not what you use or do the tests yourself if you can using your workflow. I personally have no intention of changing from LR/PS for workflow.

Said differently, for everyone that uses LR/PS, it is by and large their reality.

All true. Just looking for clarity. I've raised the same point in another post today comparing Df and D810 skin tones, processed and adjusted in LR, while drawing conclusions solely about the cameras.

Note that the D810 profiles in LR are very new, and in fact there is a thread just appearing in this forum saying Adobe has updated its D810 profiles. So possibly the D810 example in your original post could be no longer valid.

Not being argumentative, just chatting...Joe

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