Why are pics clicked with the noctilux f0.95 + Leica so awesome?

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Re: Why are pics clicked with the noctilux f0.95 + Leica so awesome?

Dawgtired wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

SphericalAberration wrote:

I am curious now, I will check on the internet to see images of the Otus and how they compare to the noctilux.

Should you not be comparing the bokeh, contrast, sharpness and size of the Otus to a Summilux ?

That is exactly what I asked a couple of posts up, but Dawgtired thinks that the Otus and Noctilux can be compared together.

In any case I did not paid much attention to the Otus so it is worth looking at it and how it compares to the Leica lenses.

The problem with this is that I may start convincing myself that I really really need one of these lenses... (the nocti of course!) And then my wallet will suffer...

Best, D

D and T,

Again, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything here. However I do think it's fair to compare lenses of roughly the same focal length, regardless of size or weight of the glass. You have choices and yours may be to spend twice or more than three times as much for a smaller lens. Then again one could ask if it's fair to compare a $4000 lens to an $11,000 lens.

Since you both mentioned it would be better to compare the Otus to the 50 Summilux, here you go. This may not be as clinical as the link T posted, but it does show differences in sharpness, bokeh, and field curvature. Ming Thein compared contrast in his review and the Otus was incredibly good. T, regarding the link you posted...I just glanced at it last night but I think those were done with a Sony and I wonder if Leica lenses might not have faired even better with an M9. That being said, I did notice in the comment section that several people mentioned those figures couldn't have been correct and the author even admitted he may have transposed some numbers. Also, that he may need to take another look at the Otus.



Thanks Steve. Yes, I agree, it is difficult to standardize testing across platforms. I can only really add a few useful comments from experience.

1. When I shoot the Noctilux, I shoot it wide open at .95. It is a specialty lens and that is how I use it. For EVERYthing else 50mm, I shoot the Summilux, and I suppose I will mix in the Cron APO in the future when I buy it. The Noctilux is just too big to use as an all purpose 50mm when you own the Summilux as well. In this case, you see that the Noctilux main purpose is to do what the OTUS is physically incapable of doing, which is shoot at .95. It is a lot of money to pay for that 1 stop, that is for sure, but for those who enjoy it, it's just money. Otherwise, I have no doubt that the OTUS can achieve clinically higher results within it's aperture range.

2. If I think the Noctilux is big for a 50mm... I believe that the OTUS compares better to the Summilux as they share not only the same aperture range, but I believe the same price tag. I believe the OTUS still maintains an optical edge over the Summilux, but at some cost. I would never hang the OTUS from my neck all day, whereas I could forget that the Summilux is even there. Again, this puts them in a different category for me, but they are still the most comparable. I find the Lux a much more usable lens in this manner, whereas I see the OTUS as more of a trophy piece.

Anyhow, none of it really matters because we are talking about some of the finest 50mm lenses in the world, so I would be hard pressed to find an unhappy owner of any of them.

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