4K and 1080P 100mbps videos won't play on Microsoft Media Player

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Re: 4K and 1080P 100mbps videos play prefectly on Microsoft Media Player and Windows 8.1

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

james b norman wrote:

also running W 8.1 and WMP has no trouble with 4k files from my GH4.

Ditto. Including a Windows tablet with an Atom processor. WMP plays GH4 4K, AX100 4K, and Samsung Galaxy S5 4K videos with no problem. AMD chips, as opposed to Intel chips, do not do so well even with Windows 8.1.

Sounds like a generalization that has no merit ...

I downloaded this one: https://vimeo.com/90794067

Plays perfectly fine on VLC and QT on my AMD based Windows 8.1 system ... video and audio both perfect. I have my downloads on a RAID 0 pair of 7200rpm drives and I use the 8150 8 core processor.

On WMP (desktop and metro versions) the audio is perfect and the video is blank.

My guess is that the cheapest computers with either manufacturer's CPUs will struggle moving sufficient data to play smoothly ...

Thanks for the clarification, but not for the diversion and your uninformed guess - this was about WMP not about VLC or QT - and sure enough, you could not play a 4K video using WMP on your AMD system, just as I said. I am glad some players work with AMD chips, and that is useful to know.

But your guess about cheap computers having problems with 4K video is completely wrong - 4K videos play smoothly on all current-generation Intel chips using WMP on Windows 8.1; this includes Atom processors and Celeron on up. How do I know? I tested this on just about every laptop, desktop and Windows tablet on display at BestBuy using 4K 100Mbps+ XAVC S videos on my usb stick. I regularly play and edit 4K video on my $249 Asus laptop with a Celeron processor with no problem (ignoring loooong rendering times). And, no, that is not my main computer :).

Oh, and I tried the same video on some AMD machines, and yes, WMP struggled. I did not have the option to download and try other video players.

If you can find a current-generation Intel-equipped Windows 8.1 machine that cannot smoothly play a 4K video using WMP, let us know.

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