What lenses do you use/enjoy using with your Canon 6D?

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Re: What lenses do you use/enjoy using with your Canon 6D?

cybersimba wrote:

Interesting comment on f4 on 6D there !! Totally agree about low light capabilities of 6D. One thing though is the IQ same or say somewhat similar when you use say f4 vs f2.8 of these versions? Of course I am talking about more like daylight situations and not really low light indoors



I assume you're talking about shallow DOF and bokeh on the wider apertures? If so, then I'll just say when I specifically need a shallower DOF, I typically skip f2.8 entirely and just go straight to the primes. My trio of primes -- 28 f1.8, 50 f1.4, and 85 f1.8 -- all provide a razor thin DOF that even the fabulous 24-70 f2.8 cannot match.

Of course, razor thin DOFs make accurate focus absolutely crucial. And even when the lens performs flawlessly, there still plenty of room for operator error. The f4 lenses can still provide a creamy background while also providing one additional stop of focus latitude, which, depending upon the subject and circumstances, can result in more keepers.

I'll point out, too, that the f4 lenses are a little bit smaller than the f2.8  equivalents, which -- to me -- is a better match, ergonomically speaking, for the 6D. I tend to use the bigger, heavier lenses with my 1D bodes often because they are physically a better fit.

I love my 70-200 f2.8, but on any camera, it's two-handed operation. Yesterday, I did some shooting with the f4 version, and even with a 1DIII body, one-handed carrying was no problem at all. My wife won't even use the f2.8 because of its heft. And it won't even fit in most modest-sized camera bags. In September, we're taking a trip to Rome, and I've pretty much decided on the 3 aforementioned lenses, along with a fisheye and bright prime (probably the 50 f1.4). They all fit very nicely in the consumer-sized Canon 100 Model bag, and without excessive weight, too. The f2.8 version weighs almost as much as the 6D and the f4 L lens trilogy combined!

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