Comparison of: Zeiss Otus, Sigma 50 Art, Nikkor 58G, Nikkor 50/1.4G, Nikkor 50/1.8G

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Re: Comparison of: Zeiss Otus, Sigma 50 Art, Nikkor 58G, Nikkor 50/1.4G, Nikkor 50/1.8G

Rick_Hunter wrote:

I am on the op's side. The 58/1.4 is indeed a joke.
So several of you say that its design has sacrificed sharpness for bokeh... BUT there are other lens manufacturers that have clearly shown that it IS possible to do a lens that's both sharp wide open and with great bokeh. So I don't buy that justification for its poor sharpness... (Jeeze, even my super-old 50/1.2 AI-S is sharper wide open than the 58!) Plus the plastic build, the lack of exotic glass elements and the quite simple optical formula do really collide with the ridiculously high price tag. Yes, the rendering is nice and it can be used wide open for small prints, but frankly, 1700$ for a plastic prime lens that at apertures larger than F2.8 is softer than a cheap p&s camera? No way.

While I think the artistic value of the image quality is a matter of personal preference and personal taste that is a fair enough debate, you do have some basic facts about the lens construction wrong.

The 58 f1.4 G is constructed with a magnesium alloy tube covered with impact-resistant plastic (the same as the 24, 35, and 85 mm f1.4 G's).  This construction has a history of durability in rough field use conditions.  The build quality of the Sigma Art lenses is quite high, but I would bet on the Nikkor f1.4 G's when it comes to long run durability.  It also contains two aspherical elements.  The 85 mm f1.4 G is the one with absolutely no specialty glass, but still manages to be astonishingly good nevertheless.

I usually avoid these kinds of debates as lens preference is a personal thing, but you are consistently misinforming people about basic facts in the construction of this lens in an oddly emotional way.

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