Metering and Color Differences D810/DF

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Metering and Color Differences D810/DF

This morning I did the first of 3 different tests I plan on this topic. There have been lots of debates and conversations about color differences between the D8X0 and DF cameras.

I'll be comparing the D810 and DF specifically. Please note, I have no care on the outcome of this other than finding out for myself what I can from my informal unscientific tests.  I have both and plan to keep both cameras.

In my first test (same Ole lake landscape I default to due to its dynamics and detail) the DF metered the same spot 1/10th a second faster than the D810, rather consistently overall with the DF metering for a lighter exposure on a regular basis. [Took 4 Exposures with each camera]

Here are your LR versions, Note, I set the WB and Tint to the same settings for these as there were differences in the RAW import. The same shadow lift and highlight supression was applied to bring these up a bit as they were shot towards preserving the highlights at -.7EV. Both are at ISO 100, F/13. The D810 metered the at 1/50th where as the DF chose 1/40th. The same focus point was used for both and the same lens, Art 35. The D810 set WB at 6100 where as the DF was at 6300 before equalizing them in LR5.

These are OOC with the only settings being changed are those you see in LR above.

Probably more surprising to me after setting the WB and Tint the same in LR the DF had warmer colors. It was no surprise that when I tried to equal them out the D810 leaned towards more saturated colors with a stronger bias to magenta. I have noted this rather consistently since I got my D810 and while the updated RAW conversion for LR seems to have helped, it still seems to lean saturated and magenta biased in my humble opinion.

Feel free to comment yourself on how you see this, that's why I am making this post.

It would seem though that the histograms don't display this looking at them below and that the DF has the stronger RED component and even shows more magenta in the lower end of the histogram.

Note, the DF image was enlarged to the same horizontal width using Perfect Size to make these zoom comparisons easier to match up. This creates a disadvantage somewhat to the DF image quality in this comparison, however, it should not impact the color conversation.

While not displayed here it would seem that raising the WB temperature does not account for the differences. Increasing Vibrancy on the D810 image does seem to move it closer to the DF image.

While the DF image may seem more pleasing to some, I dare do say that on this landscape the D810 does seem to have more accurate color.

If your curious, its obvious that up-scaling the DF image in Perfect Resize doesn't come close to showing the same detail.. of course if you dont capture it you can't scale and manufacture what doesn't exist. You can see that in these crops.

DF Shot Mirror Up Tripod (Front Curtain)

DF Shot Mirror Up Tripod - the horizontal blur of the waterdrops may be a result of shutter.. hard to say.

Test two will actually compare a gretagmacbeth color checker card and Test three will compare skin tones in a similar fashion. Those wont be ready until tomorrow. I realize this test may be flawed, so keep in mind I am conducting it for my own benefit as I believe seeing and testing with ones own eyes and equipment is most beneficial.

That said, I am very interested in your feedback and your own observations in using the two cameras and these examples I have posted.

The web reduced full pictures are below.  No additional processing has been done other than whats been referenced in this post.

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