4K and 1080P 100mbps videos won't play on Microsoft Media Player

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Re: 4K and 1080P 100mbps videos won't play on Microsoft Media Player

racin06 wrote:

I've discovered that 4K and 1080 videos recorded at 100mbps with my GH4 won't play on Microsoft Media Player. I'm referring to videos straight out of the camera without any editing or PP. Any ideas?

Do you have the Windows 8.1 version of WMP?

Unless I am mistaken, most 4k products user manuals and even the "quick start" instructions come with warnings that some output can be played on very high-end or uncommong hardware and software.

Cyberlink sells software that plays 4k files, provided your graphics card supports them too.  I suppose there is freeware (VLC, MediaPlayer Classic) that do too, though I've not used them.

100mbs is overkill, so far as video streaming goes.  Most people's band width is less than 20mbps, and at certain times of the day even less.  Few viewers will bother to download 100mbps files, which most will be unable to distinguish from a 3mbps when seen at the typical 480p resolution.

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