Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: Sometimes, Yes . . .

Ontario Gone wrote:

It's like bford said further up the thread, you don't see too many gearheads telling the artistic crowd that the content isn't important, but you see tons of "artists" telling gearheads the pixels don't matter.

You see plenty of gearheads telling artists that images are cr*p without (their definition of) technical excellence. Of course, it's all sophomoric nonsense anyway. What is and isn't important varies widely given the vastly different ways in which people use cameras. Some artsy types swear a photo is useless if it doesn't "tug at the heart strings" or other such blather; pixel peepers say it's useless if there are blown highlights. Extremes, like you said. Liberals are dumb. No, conservatives are dumb. Maybe schools need to teach kids how to think in between black and white. What good is 13 stops of dynamic range when nobody seems to be able to see shades of gray ?

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