Which MP4 settings affect file size?

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Re: Which MP4 settings affect file size?

File size is a function of the bitrate and compression efficiency.

What camera was used to capture the video?  Was it a single file or succession of clips that you joined?  What is the gross duration?

Apparentlly you reduced the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720, which can reduce the file size, and any IQ loss might not be noticeable, for any number of reasons: GIGO, small screen, lighting, subject matter, or viewer indifference.

Don't bother looking for any expert guidance on "best settings," since what you find is apt to apply to situtations you don't face.   The experts drive themselves crazy with pixel-peeping or advanced standards that they haven't the time, money, memory space, or skill to grade, edit, store, or display.

Judge optimum settings based on what you see, or what your viewers want, and not by any abstract notions.   Other things being equal, it's nice to have high resolution and bitrate, but the other things in the equation are seldom equal.

Commercial Blu-ray discs typically offer 1920x1080 resolution, use an h.264 variant of mp4 that resembles AVCHD, and bitrates that vary from 20mbps to 35mbps.  One could squeeze about 25-30 minutes of such video onto a 4GB thumb drive or a 4.7GB AVCHD-DVD disc without appreciable degradation.  Professionals who shoot the source video may prefer low compression codecs with ultra-high bitrates, but entail other resources or requirements that are irrelevant or an encumberance to most people.

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