Comparison of: Zeiss Otus, Sigma 50 Art, Nikkor 58G, Nikkor 50/1.4G, Nikkor 50/1.8G

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Re: Comparison of: Zeiss Otus, Sigma 50 Art, Nikkor 58G, Nikkor 50/1.4G, Nikkor 50/1.8G

I have owned all of the 50ish lenses mentioned here except the Otus and the Sigma Art, neither of which I will ever own. Also own and use the Zeiss 50/2MP, which was unfortunately neglected from this discussion.

After viewing countless charts, graphs, comparisons, and, more importantly, photos taken by these lenses in photography situations, I come to the following (obvious) conclusion:

- the Sigma Art is a high resolution, very sharp lens with acceptable, not great bokeh. Lets just agree that the Sigma Art produces the sharpest images available in a moderately priced 50mm lens. Got that.

- the Nikon 58 is a great bokeh, transition lens with acceptable sharpness. Can we not also agree that the Nikon 58 makes the most beautiful images of people, nature, etc available in a moderately priced lens?

I chose the Nikon 58, and I have not, for one instant, felt resolution deprived. I have been too much in awe of the beauty that this lens can produce.

Probably, if I were so inclined, I could switch to 100% view and find areas that are not too sharp. So what? Not what I was going for.

Pick one, and move on. Or, if you see the need for both, please pick both. There is no point in arguing the why or how of it, lamenting the cost, nitpicking the performance. Here they are. Have we not beat them to death yet?

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