Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: Sometimes, Yes . . .

bford wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

samfan wrote:

Are people seriously competing who can make a better photograph with a worse camera?

They often think they are proving that the gear doesn't matter, but in a sense, they are just doing the same thing as the measurebators. That is, highlighting the gear at the expense of the image.

Why would someone view people talking about gear as "measurebators," and then assume that they care less about the image?

Without the gear there is no image.

I will take it even further. So what, who cares if they are measurebators. Do we criticize the guy who restores cars just because he likes working on cars? Should we belittle him because he doesn't enjoy the "feeling" of driving them down a country road? Aside from the fact we don't actually know he doesn't enjoy driving, even if he didn't, who are we to criticize his choice of enjoyment.

What i see is one side being very pompous and judgemental, while the other side simply wants to discuss their own craft. And it's all a bunch of crap anyway, everybody cares about the gear, just to differing degrees. If Joe Blow artist really didn't care, he would be using some obsolete ancient camera without AF and shooting at ISO 125 all day, and a noisy 125 at that.

I think what we see is some people, who think the "art" side should easily be the more important of the two factors. And, they think everybody should feel this way. Reminds me of right wing fundamentalists, insisting everybody talk to their personal Santa Claus just as they do. It's like bford said further up the thread, you don't see too many gearheads telling the artistic crowd that the content isn't important, but you see tons of "artists" telling gearheads the pixels don't matter.

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