Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

tbcass wrote:

When someone is concentrating on examining minor technical aspects of a photo at 100% on screen while ignoring the photo as a whole it's a good indication that they consider the technical more important.

For that particular shot at that particular moment, perhaps; but it gives no indication whatsoever of their general attitude to which is more important - or even if they actually think one more important, as opposed to being equal-value components of the whole.

When I compose my own photos I concentrate on the composition (which ought to be self evident, of course); but I also have regard to the technical things like DOF, exposure etc. I frequently take several similar shots with slightly different emphases.

When I come to process my shots I include 100% viewing to make sure I've got the best possible results. I can't possibly assess the whole photo while doing that so I have to concentrate on what bit I can see. Someone looking over my shoulder at that moment would be at risk of the sort of misconception you seem to suffer.

Of course it's possible to appreciate a photo at both levels but when someone posts a photo to be critiqued and someone else criticizes it for some minor flaw visible at only 100% it makes me suspicious as to what is more important to them.

Why? If I critique a picture that's technically good but poorly composed I comment on the composition (and how it might be improved). If I critique a picture that's well-composed but technically poor I comment on the technique (and how it might be improved).

Is ignoring technical flaws somehow a sign of higher artistic sensibility?

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