Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Factors besides talent matter too

Sheer technical skills or sense of beauty don't bear fruit on their own.  Success or recognition also depend on:

  1. Invincible obsession or ego.   Hide thicker than an elephant's.  Otherwise, there is no chance of withstanding the blistering criticism sure to come from skeptics or jealous rivals.  Think of the prevalence of creepy, rotten, or dismissive comments that greet nearly any photo samples posted a DPR.  Of course, resolute stubborness or mile-high pride can lead to failure too.
  2. A sense of others' tastes.    Works must represent things, places, events, or phenomena that people with money find interesting, whether that be the fairy gardens of Thomas Kinkade or the Water Wigs Women of Tim Tadder.  You are in big trouble if you exhibit cat photos at a gathering of dog breeders, or try to impress an NFL fan with pictures of soccer players.
  3. A viable Plan B.  Since photography or any artsy endeavor can be very risky or yield little, any person with good technical or aesthetic wizardry can probably pursue some other practical or in-demand careeer and prosper. 
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