Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

tbcass wrote:

I say misuse of 100% viewing. Using it to judge resolution and sharpness is a proper use. I have seen people posting on these forums declaring their camera or lens must be no good because they found problems at 100% when almost any camera or lens will look flawed under such close scrutiny.

As I said before, even small deficiencies at 100% are viewable in small prints and magnifications onscreen.

This is especially true when coming from a 10-12 mp camera to a 24mp one.I often tell these people to resize their 12mp photo to 24mp and then do the 100% comparison. That is usually an eye opener.

Sure, once they see the inferior level of detail.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels
Misuse of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography because it causes people to fret over inconsequential issues.

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