Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Well said

Ontario Gone wrote:

tbcass wrote:

When someone is concentrating on examining minor technical aspects of a photo at 100% on screen while ignoring the photo as a whole it's a good indication that they consider the technical more important. Of course it's possible to appreciate a photo at both levels but when someone posts a photo to be critiqued and someone else criticizes it for some minor flaw visible at only 100% it makes me suspicious as to what is more important to them.

If somebody is ONLY concerned with that technical part, yes you are right. I just don't know how anybody could know that. Perhaps the thread was about the sharpness or noise, so they didn't bother to mention the content. Perhaps the content was pleasant and they didn't figure it needed critiquing.

My point is regardless of any snippet of conversation you analyze, nobody here can read minds. Perhaps the person is simply in the mood to discuss the hardware, yet as an average, they are much more concerned with the art. Perhaps they believe, as i do, that since the content is so subjective that it's less important to discuss that part. That doesn't mean it's meaningless to that person, only that the discussion is meaningless. Afterall, one person loves a painting and another hates it, while it's a much more clear path to define what is better technically. SNR, DR, Color, they can all be measured. "Art" is all about opinions.

A gentleman who works at a local camera shop where i live is a perfect example of why labels are a bad idea. When i first met him, years ago, i discussed gear a LOT, since it was the genesis of my knowledge at the time. I asked all kinds of technical gear questions. There wasn't much he didn't know, and i mistook him for an ultra gearhead. Later i came to know he was far more into the artsy side, but since i only discussed gear with him, i didn't know that. DPR is a gear review site. To try and label anybody a gearhead here is ignorant at best, unless you know that person IRL. Some of us do want to improve at both.

Even if somebody is concentrating on minor technical aspects of a photo at 100% in any particular conversation, you still know nothing about their interest in content. I almost never discuss content, for the reason i mention above, it is subjective based on the viewer and we will never all agree.

Cynicism and validation for individual choices and beliefs are the greatest obstacles to meaningful and productive discussion. It also makes mind readers of some.

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