Time to upgrade: D800 vs XT1 - Need genuine opinions

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Re: Time to upgrade: D800 vs XT1 - Need genuine opinions

Retheesh Nair wrote:

No Regrets wrote:

Retheesh Nair wrote:

Hi Guys, this is not to start a new DSLR vs Mirrorless war, I want some guidance on the below questions in my mind.I know similar situations would have been discussed in the past, would like to get help on my specific situation here.Since I currently own a Nikon system, I thought I would post this here first.(I would also be posting this on the Fuji forum too, to hear the other side)

Would like to have some expert opinion/experiences from people who might have
gone through the same thought process.

Current Gear

Nikon D7000, Nikon 35mm 1.8 Dx, Tamron 70 200 2.8(non-VC), Lester Dine 105 2.8.A nikon 85 1.8 is on backorder and I am expecting to get it soon.
A Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art is on its way home.Also have a backup Sony Nex-3N with the 16 50.

Had a D5000 and quite a few lenses in the past, which I sold at different points in time:
Tamron 28 75 2.8
Sigma Art 35 1.4
Tokina 11 -16
Tokina 12 28
Sigma 17 50 2.8

Kit lenses : 18-140, 17 50, 55 200

I have almost never used the Sony at all, because its menu driven system is not for me.
I am sure I am gonna sell it for whatever its worth.

I have been using the APS-C cameras for sometime, and I know its time for a change. Full frame with its image quality and razor thin DOF has been tempting me for sometime.But that was before I heard/read about the Fuji.

These are the two options I have in my mind right now:

- Sell all my gear above except the Sigma 50mm Art,and the Nikon 85 1.8. Get an UWA - WA lens + get a D800 and be done with it.The biggest factor in Nikon's favor, ironically are the sigma Art Series lenses. Also the fact that the sensor is FF.

I've got the Sigma Art 50mm f1.4 and think it's a great lens. You'll love it!

- Here is the unexpected contender. Sell everything, Get XT1 and kit lens, and a used X100, + 14mm + 56 1.2. Handling, convenience are obviously in Fuji's favor based on reviews. If DOF is the only factor where Nikon holds an advantage, I would take the Fuji route.How is Fuji's low light image quality when compared to Nikon(No, I dont have the money for a D4, so thats out of the equation.Also, does X100 + XT1 make a good pair?

Have you considered the Nikon Df? I mentioned it because one of your concerns is shooting in low light. The Df is at the top of the game when it comes to low light shooting AND has the flagship sensor of the D4 at a much lower price point. The Df also has the manual control dials in which the Fuji XT-1 sports, or if you prefer you can control via the menu and buttons. The Df has excellent auto WB, great colors, and a comfortable size. There are plenty of other great attributes as well, but you can read all about the pro's and con's of the Df elsewhere throughout this forum. For what it's worth I had the XT-1 on order with a couple of lenses that were on backorder....I ended up canceling the order because as I continued my research, the Df really seemed like the best choice for "me". I have had no regrets!

Now, I have no experience at all with Fuji; never even seen one. But I have heard/read great things about it and how it transformed their photography.

To get an idea of what I shoot, please refer my 500px gallery in my signature. I love landscapes, family pictures & maybe any school sports my 6 year old participates in. I dont use the lester dine at all, its more of a collectible for me.I would have waited till this year's photokina to understand whats coming up, but fall photography is something that I feel should do in 2014.

Anything more that would be helpful, do let me know.

I see that you have a Df; Df was not even in my list of contenders; I think it got a lot of bad press.

Low light autofocus, is onething I heard Df doesnt do too well.. Is that a myth?

The majority of my photos taken are low light to absolutely dark of night shots and I haven't seemed to had a problem yet. I love taking photos of all types of subjects, including musicians at live concerts. It's nice to be able to shoot them without having to use any flash assistance so that I do not disturb either the musicians or the audience members.

Here are a couple examples from just a few nights ago from an evening outdoor concert. The motorcycle was taking that night as well...I liked the eagle on the front fender. Both shots taken with the Sigma 50mm Art.  Please keep in mind that I am only a beginner, so in the hands of someone with much more experience I'm sure the results can be quite impressive.

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