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Re: Woild it be a guarantee

luisflorit wrote:

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luisflorit wrote:

All that is known about this nasty issue is based on indirect evidence, most of which comes from a single experiment made by a single guy in Germany. Therefore, until we get an official statement from Olympus, nothing is certain.

Well, we do know quite a lot more than that. For example Epson's Press Release of 16th October 2013 announced that Olympus use their Ultimicron L3F04X-8x LCD display.

And we can see the dimensions of that display here: allowing us to work out the focal length of the eyepiece etc. and how much the sun is intensified at its focus.

True. And...? We don't know what is in between the loupe and the EVF screen, for example. Maybe there is a thick hot mirror... Or some IR protection build on the EVF itself.

It just "seems" that the problem is related to diopter dialed to the + side (mine was at +4 or +5 clicks with max being +7), so "probably" your camera will be safer with diopter far away from the + side. But without Olympus confirmation....

Dialing a +ve diopter setting places the focus from an infinite source, eg. the sun, above the focal plane, close to the upper polariser layer, one of only two plastic films in the display and the only one that gets full intensity. The higher the diopter correction you dial in, the more the sun is focussed on the upper polarizer on the LCD panel and the more likely it is to be melted.

That would be useful if we had a proof that it is the sun that is causing the problem. But, without a word from Olympus... all we have done is guessing.

At the centre position, -1 diopters, the sun's image on the upper polarizer is about 4x less intense than at the maximum positive setting.

I'm not even sure this is not damaging the EVF, but at a slower rate. 25% of the heat that damages the EVF in less than a second is still a lot of heat. I don't think anyone here can give a proof that this heat is not enough to make any damage on the EVF in the long run.

Of course I think this is the most likely cause, I'm not arguing actually. After all, I walked 3 weeks in Spain hiding my EM1 from the sun and shooting with my stupid glasses on after my EVF got damaged. I'm trying to make a point why, in any case, we need olympus to give an official statement.

All that I am saying is that the most important thing now is for Olympus to acknowledge the existence of this issue, and tell us what they're going to do about it. Just sending the camera for repair is no solution if they're going to put the same crap EVF system on it.


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I fully agree with you ! It's Olympus turn now to explain in detail what is going on. The half-hearted advice their european tec support gave me, to "somehow" protect the EVF from sunlight incidence, is no response worth of a world leader in photographic gear . Just repairing the EVF and sending the camera back is also not enough, as it can then happen again, as it did already with at least one known user, and who knows in how many unpublished cases. I firmly believe this happened far more often than has been published in the threads in DPR and elsewhere, as only a small percentage of users would speak out via blogs and threads in the web - most will just go to the dealers where they got their gear, or contact Olympus directly.

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