DP2 Quattro vs. Nikon D810

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Re: DP2 Quattro vs. Nikon D810

Scottelly wrote:
Maybe you're right, but I'm not seeing much difference in the past few years, since the Canon 7 D was made.

I think Canon has made progress in high ISO since their 7d and 5d2 leap-frogged the competition in the 2008 to 2009 time-frame. Canon is definitely behind the Sony Exmor sensor in many Nikon cameras, as far as DR and resolution.

I use Magic Lantern's Dual-ISO as something of a "hold-your-nose-work-around" to the behind-the-times DR on my 6d. Dual-ISO somewhat cause a loss of resolution.

It's not like there is some big difference between the 22 MP 5 D Mk III and the 5 year old Canon 7 D, which is pretty pathetic, considering how many years have gone by and the fact that the newer sensor is twice the size! Look for yourself (set the ISO to 1600):


I'll take a look. I think the DxoMark scores show the 5d3 and 6d Way Ahead of the 7d. However, I'm not well versed on DxoMark scores.

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