FZ1000 lockup

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Re: Cards can get corrupted

Thank you. I'll bear that in mind. Do you format it in camera after formatting it on the pc? I've never formatted on the pc. in My Canon 6D I have the option to do quick or complete format. I always choose complete format, but the FZ1000 doesn't have that option.

Henry Falkner wrote:

In my experience, the cause is partially overwritten 'deleted' pictures and videos, which become live again in the process. The formatting in the camera is a 'fast' one, which does not totally overwrite the old data with a sequence of 0s and 1s. The work-around is to format the card in the computer, un-ticking the fast option. When you put the card into the camera after a slow format, it will put its own file structure on the first time you switch it on after the external formatting.


Shaun Gibbs wrote:

I just did two tests and no problems today.

First test was just burst mode which captured 44 photos before the buffer filled. I released the shutter and waited for it to finish writing to the card then pressed playback.

Second test was the same but 62 shots before the buffer filled. I released the shutter and pressed playback button straight away. It finished writing to the card before it displayed the photos.

Using the same card I used on Saturday. So all good. Will update if it ever happens again.

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"All you need is a FZ1000"

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