My dp2 quattro review

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Re: My dp2 quattro review

me: DP2-Q on 5-day trial (extended ... thx Sigma) and pre-newbie to SPP, so "consider the source". Canon 6d full-frame owner with several primes.

xfz wrote:
IQ: X3F always has this "wow" factor. It is so good for ISO 100 I have a feeling it is better than my 5d2. However, once it goes to ISO200 or above, the IQ degrading so fast it doesn't seem to have any advantage against CFA sensor. I am wondering if others share the similar experience.

That's concerning. My speculation is that the "Overexposure Correction" might be like Canon's HTP tone curve tweak, which uses ISO 200, and then massages to be like ISO 100.

Handling: In general it handles well in my hand, the unique shape fit my hands pretty well. However it gets hot pretty quickly. I get constant high temperature warning. (the temperature is indeed high in Texas)

I got "temp warnings" in the sun at only about 80 deg F earlier today. That can't help IQ, and almost certainly increases Noise.

All in all, I think it is awesome camera. I don't think Sigma should pay special attention on smaller size.

Agree. If anything, I would like them to include more "Hard Button Controls" like ISO, DRIVE, etc. There's plenty of room for more "hard buttons". That could reduce a lot of the "menu diving" that happens all the time.

Instead, if it can solve heating issue, and bring more battery power, more people will appreciate the IQ it brings, or put in the bag as a backup cam.

So far, I think of the DP2-Q as a "tripod queen" like a show-car or race-car are "trailer queens". I expect the majority of captures to be at ISO 100 and f4-f8.

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