HowTo? SPP settings to get equiv of RawDigger (raw image analyzer) to facilitate ETTR?

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Re: RawDigger 1.0.9 Release with DP2-Q support available

xpatUSA wrote:

l_d_allan wrote:

Kendall (or others): Is this of interest to you? Do you have the time to evaluate how this would work with SPP, as applicable? Do you have experience with RawDigger with other cameras?

I really don't know SPP enough, yet if ever, to find "best practice" through trial-and-error.

I'm finding it hard to convince myself that there is a simple relationship between SPP's histogram and that of RawDigger, although I can appreciate the goal that you seek.

I think I'll go by RawDigger's histogram, although the description of "preliminary support for Quattro" is not a confidence builder. I suspect there are a number of things to turn OFF in SPP to get it closer to RAW values. The settings for "Overexposure Compensation" and Tone Control may be factors. "Unknown unknowns"?

Note that I have barely used RawDigger with Q RAW's  ... just to verify it worked at all.

Between the two histograms lies the dreaded converter with quite severe default processing even before we touch a slider.

You refer to SPP? Adobe's ACR and especially LR are similar. PV2012 doesn't even have "Linear" tone curve any more. I think it has the label "Linear", but it isn't.

I myself have found that there is quite a degree of scene-dependence as far as ETTR is concerned, sometimes with unpleasant surprises:

case 1. A shot of a sunlit yellow flower shows a SPP histogram with no blue (clipped to zero) in it. Whereas a) even yellow flower petals have some blue in them and b) the RawDigger histogram showed a significant amount of 'blue' layer response.

Odd. The Foveon has layers for R-G-B doesn't it, not C-M-Y-K?

case 2. An IR shot of a forest scene got all of it's green content *** clipped to to zero by SPP whereas RawDigger showed 'green' content at about 1/2 of 'red' and whereas the approx 1/6 of 'blue' was amplified by SPP quite significantly.

I'm unclear what you mean by "clipped to zero". IIRC, with my Canon DSLR 6d, channel chipping would happen at about value 14,700 or so. That indicated "blown highlight" for that channel.

*** yes, I know there's no green in IR but all three Foveon layers do respond to IR light.

I'm mostly ignorant about IR.

Have you ever looked at Guillermo's article about UNIWB which is supposed to help with ETTR by making the LCD histogram more like the raw content? I've tried it, but you do need to know the correct WB for post-processing the image.

Probably have read the article. I used UNIWB with Canon DSLR, with very mixed results. It is actually trivial to set WB for UniWB for Canon ... just capture a "black frame" of your lens cap, or a totally blown frame, like 1 second in daylight. Then use that as the "baseline" frame to set WB. You should see a definite green'ish cast.

All that "went away" with Magic Lantern's RAW histogram, blinkies, and LCD Review.

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