HowTo? SPP settings to get equiv of RawDigger (raw image analyzer) to facilitate ETTR?

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Anyone else have camera overheat during series of captures?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

l_d_allan wrote:

Kendall (orothers): Is this of interest to you? Do you have the time to evaluate how this would work with SPP, as applicable? Do you have experience with RawDigger with other cameras?

I really don't know SPP enough, yet if ever, to find "best practice" through trial-and-error.

Sorry, just came across this - I have RawDigger also, although I've not tried the new version and have not used it enough to feel comfortable to say for sure what should be done in SPP based on it.

I was out pre-dawn this morning doing HDR's, and this afternoon trying different combinations.

I did encounter the DP2-Q over-heating. It was about 80 deg F in the sun here at 6500' in Colorado Springs, which isn't particularly hot. Mid-way through a sequence of HDR captures, the thermometer would show on a regular basis. I would have to turn off the camera and let it cool off. Subsequent tests will be early morning and/or in the shade.

I'd be concerned about using the Quattro in Arizona or Death Valley, in the sun.

I have to think it detracts from IQ to have the camera overheating, although that may be the battery, and may be more important for Noise. Or not?

Still haven't spent much time with SPP. Just glanced at RawDigger. BTW: Sigma extended my trial (thx Sigma).

I am (still) baffled about the appropriate setting for "Overexposure Correction". For true ETTR, I'd think OFF would be best.

For "Tone Control", there are three settings ... OFF, MILD, and STRONG. I'm fuzzy on what they do. I'm thinking OFF would be "Best Practice" to investigate ETTR?

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