D810 Time Lapse - It's a BIG deal!

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A fascinating study

Paul Richman wrote:

Click here to see my first TL. Below is its description on YouTube:

"_Clouds have always fascinated me. They can create such fleeting abstract beauty in the sky. Soft sculptures of worldly creatures sometimes appear briefly. As a photographer, I appreciate the extent to which aesthetic cloud formations can enhance photographs._

Viewed this way, you can much better see the complex interplays between winds at various levels, turbulence, solar flux/heating, humidity, thermals, etc., and how they create the temperature/pressure/humidity gradients that produce weather. Gives one a deeper appreciation of the daunting task that weather forecasters face.

What would be especially interesting to see, is the difference between daytime patterns and night-time patterns, using a moonlit night. There must be a significant change once the solar driver is removed.

There are also other types of "fluids" which would be interesting to study, such as population (crowd) movement and traffic streams. For example, most people do not appreciate that a traffic stream on a highway obeys many fluid-flow laws, especially wave propagation. A time-lapse view would make these behaviors clear to see.

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