Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

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Re: Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

Kawika Nui wrote:

Manip16 wrote:

5. If history repeats itself, those who are patient will may very well be able to buy the GX7 for less than $500 within a year. It took less time than that before the G5 was on sale for half price.

Right, and the GX8 for $500 a year after that, and GX9 for $500 a year after that, etc... This is how all new cameras/technology works. If you don't want to see diminishing returns on your purchases then either buy second hand, buy after much of the depreciation has taken place, or don't sell your camera ever.

Actually, many cameras (even P&S, bridge, and non-high-end), increase in price once they are no longer in production. There are many examples of this on Amazon and elsewhere.\

I'm actually waiting for the price drop on the GX7 and then I may upgrade from my (not old) GX1. Both the E-M5 and the GX7 are not exactly deals at today's (still high, even well after introduction) prices so I can be patient and wait.

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