DP2 Quattro vs. Nikon D810

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Similar test of Canon 6d ff to DP2-Q

Scottelly wrote:
I'd like to see which makes better image quality.

I'm heading out the door to continue a similar test comparing to the Canon 6d full frame with primes.

My goal with the DP2-Quattro 5 day trial (extended ... thx Sigma) is to try to get "apples vs apples" comparisons. Suggestions appreciated to have this be valid.

For me, the Q needs to significantly outperform the 6d on A3+ 13x19" prints (and larger) to justify the expense. Otherwise, this retired hobby'ist will not be in a good position to answer wife's (aka 'the Hun') question of "Why bother?"


A concern is that after 200k captures with Canon ff's with lots of HDR, ETTR, panos, MagicLantern's Dual-ISO and Auto-ETTR, etc., I know the 6d well enough to get near optimal ETTR exposures, and then what to do with them in ACR.  I don't have near this experience / expertise with the Q and especially SPP.

At this point, I am pretty much a pre-newbie with SPP 6.0.x. I'm trying to figure out "best practice" for ETTR , including:

  • appropriate on Q?
  • if so, "best practice" settings on camera (Overexposure Correction? Tone Control? Other/)
  • "best practice" settings in SPP to keep it from auto-magically making changes that mask whether ETTR is actually happening
  • use recently released RawDigger that now has preliminary Quattro support. (thx Iliah)
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