Do i buy a D810 or wait for this new camera ?

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Re: Do i buy a D810 or wait for this new camera ?

helfire wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm just about to buy a new D810 to replace my D7100. Its mainly for landscapes, cityscape and general walkabout nature. I sometimes do sporting events like running races and triathlons. I have only been getting FX lens as per signature and also have a 70-200 f2.8 I can borrow for sports.

No there is the rumour about a new camera is just around the corner, do I wait or just buy the D810. Also what lens would you all recommend next. I use the 16-35 f4 for landscapes at the min as I have a lee filter setup to use with this.

As you can see from other posts, nobody here really know what the new camera will be (or if they do they aren't talking). Nikon Rumors says it will be a low-end action camera.

So, do you want the best FX landscape camera made, with some action capability? Or, do you want wait for what will probably be a cheaper camera not aimed at landscapers? How important is build quality? How important is the AF-ON button and other D810 features the D610 doesn't have?

If landscape is of prime importance, I wouldn't wait.

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