Comparison of: Zeiss Otus, Sigma 50 Art, Nikkor 58G, Nikkor 50/1.4G, Nikkor 50/1.8G

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Re: I hate to be confrontational but...

TQGroup wrote:

"A stupid company's lens..." Pardon me, but just what are you saying?

Perhaps you could re-read anotherMike's and others attempts to educate you here. There are technological trade-offs between certain OOF rendering goals and image sharpness.

You reject "out of hand" argument that does not suit you, e.g. screwdrivers are tools for tradesmen just like lenses are tools for photographers.

And now you are calling one of the two great camera companies stupid?

Auf Wiedersehen!


@TQGroup: Just in case you're interested before saying auf Wiedersehen: Nikon is a company, and not my religion. I'm not really emotionally touched if someone dismisses a product that a company makes and that I happen to own. It's a strange phenomenon how people actually defend companies and their products if someone complains about them. This is a phenomenon that Apple managed to excel at. Well, I don't care about a company – it's not my family or close friends. Neither do I care if someone calls a company, a corporate unit, stupid. As I can read from you, you treat that differently.

I don't need education from you or from anotherMike, thank you. I understood what you're saying, and I expressed my problems with the "tools" that you were using to say that. That's all. Apparently, that didn't come across, and you cannot relate to what I was saying about the expressionists.

I don't reject any argument about the screwdrivers. I was criticizing you for mixing up methods. One thing is a measurable issue, which screwdriver for which screw head. The other is a more emotional approach, that of "understandning the character" of a tool for knowing when its use is indicated or not.

@Stacey_K: Thank you for your feedback and your enlightenment on the subject of the learning curve dimensions. If my review is not your taste, and you're ignoring most of the things I write here, I'm sorry. I can't change anything about that. But that's ok.

@guico33: Sorry to hear that there's no use for you either. Maybe there is for others. As you wrote yourself, there's tons of other reviews out there, so there should be something for everone's taste.

(I'm not linking the invitation again, since it doesn't appear you'd be wanting to take it.)

Happy shooting, everyone!

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