Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: One word: latitude.

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Yes, you can do a lot in RAW if you are using Lightroom with brush layers, etc.

I use CNX2 for RAW work and just have never seen a need to be doing any major color adjustments outside of the RAW software. I also try to avoid needing to do local color adjustments, this is one reason I own several different camera bodies. I've found some of them are better than others for specific tasks. But it's easy enough in CNX2 to do local adjustments.

RAW vs. JPG...the "age old" argument.

I agree with you, Stacey, and I also use CNX2. With Nikons I shoot RAW only, batch process to JPG since, as you know, CNX2 reads the camera's settings, and rarely is anything extra needed. When there is, pre-stored settings I've created in "Batch"/Load Adjustments" are a click-click-click away. Very rarely must further adjustments be applied, though the ability to "go crazily creative" is certainly there. I've never found anything faster or better.

I also use CNX2 for my Pentax, Oly and Panasonic cameras which I shoot solely JPG. Again, if necessary, stored settings in "Batch/Load Adjustments" which I've created for each camera quickly cover most adjustments that may need minor adjustments with but a few clicks, but if a shot needs some major massaging, CNX2 can do the job very, very well. I've tried various RAW processors over the years, but an OOC JPG massaged in CNX2 (if necessary) is much, much faster and generally indistinguishable (if not even better) than the laborious processing of the RAW file.

I laugh when I hear people deride CNX2. To me it's obvious they don't really know how to use it. It's unfortunate that it will no longer be updated, but it'll remain my workhorse for JPGs and any Nikon gear it currently supports for a long time to come.

I currently use Apple Aperture with Photo Elements 12.
Not sure when I will have to switch as Apple is ending Aperture.
Since I have a Nikon, is CNX2 a viable option to Lightroom?
What are the limits and/or benefits ?

CNX2 is dead. Deader than Aperture. It is not an option for the future. Thom Hogan suggested that Apple may transition Aperture users into the upcoming Photos. So, it maybe more a merging of Aperture and iPhoto than the death of Aperture.

There is Nikon NX-D which was just introduced. It is free and rather limited.

The main alternatives to Lightroom 5 are Capture One Pro, and possibly DxO.

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