Looking for a good bag for...

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Re: Looking for a good bag for...

Buy the Lowepro Sling III (around $65 @ eBay), take out the compartment and put it in any backpack you want. The compartment takes one camera, one lens and has dedicated space for SD-cards. Depending on what backpack you couple it with you have any number of extra spaces for batteries etc as well.

- No ultra fast access to camera (you need to open the main compartment to access the camera so it takes 3 seconds instead of 1. If time is critical it stands to reason that one don't got the camera in the bag though)
- Not as cool as having a photography specific backpack (is this even a con though?)

- Use any backpack that fits the compartment in any price range (it fits in most)
- If your backpack gets sand, salt etc in it you can just throw it away and buy another
- Regular backpacks, even those of high quality, is often cheaper then backpacks for cameras (everything "DSLR" is often priced at a premium)
- Sizes for regular backpacks comes in a billion variations, colors etc
- Since the compartment can be fitted in any backpack you can even have several backpacks for different use cases.
- You get the option to buy a weather proof backpack for much less $ than a camera specific backpack would cost

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