Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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mostlyboringphotog wrote:

I wanted to add the obvious that any photography, good or bad, starts with a photographer and the resulting the image (regardless of the process - choice of cam, PP, printing and mounting, etc) that the photographer chooses to display will be judged good or bad independent of the photographer.

I think this is a very important and oft over looked fact of life.  Once a photographer posts and image either on his wall or on his phone or anywhere images are posted, he enters into a dialogue with his chosen audience which contrary to the ill conceived notion the artist should not care what others see in his work. The artistic and photographic process is not complete until our image is viewed, which means the photograph does not really exist until it  is viewed and every time its viewed its brand new metaphorically.

we as image makers have no more control over the image once its displayed ( please before flaming I am not here referring to the legal rights but rather to the fact that you cannot alter or change the experience of the viewers first reaction to your work) the image lives when its seen and is dormant when not being seen. It is I believe not possible to be a world class artist without being aware of your audience as much as you exhibit distain for your audience.

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