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Re: Here's another example...any better?

stevo23 wrote:

No Regrets wrote:

I don't know if you'd consider the bokeh any better with this image or not.

The quality of the blur is pretty good - but it's a matter of how much blur you're after. In a lot of cases, it's kind of cool to make the actual details of the background disappear into a nice multi-colored abstract.

In this case, did you use some post processing blur too? What equipment did you use here. Some of the green highlights in the background have a bit of that Noct 1.2 swirly thing happening.


I imported from the memory card into iPhoto on my Macbook Pro laptop.  I don't have any fancy RAW developers and I am completely new to photography.  I boosted the detail and the sharpness just a bit, which may have affected the background blur somewhat.  Other than that, this is what came out of the camera. I want to get something like Iridient and/or Lightroom at some point.

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