Nikon DF - Love or Hate & why?

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Re: Nikon DF - Love or Hate & why?

I love the Df.  It's large enough to feel comfortable in the hand, but not too large so that its obtrusive.  I love all the manual can see your settings without even turning the camera on and it gives a more tactile engages you.  The sensor is spectacular both in low light and out on a bright sunny day.  Great exposure, beautiful colors, pleasing renditions.  I love visiting with people from all different walks of life....this camera is an ice breaker, a conversation piece, and is well received with the general public, non threatening.

I'm just learning photography, so take what I say with a grain of salt....but I do love taking it out every opportunity I get, and I think it will be a camera that I will be able to grow with for many years to come.

The following were all shot with the Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art all within the last three days.

Shot in very low light.

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