Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: "It's the photographer" is a condescending and incomplete cliche

tbcass wrote:

bford wrote:

Most photographers consider the artistic and the technical.

True but I believe most put more weight on the artistic over the technical.

When I take a photograph I hope it is technically ok/good. But because of my limited equipment and/or my own limited capabilities (just started with more serious photography than just point & shoot) lots of shots fail technically. Like this photo of a fish taken in the aquarium building of Artis (the zoo in Amsterdam):

But the technically failed photo made me think of a moonfish in the sky so I played a bit with Picasa's photo filters and created this version which I like:

I think at this moment I value the artistic part more than the technical part because of my and my equipments limitations. And I probably would value the technical part more if I would have and could handle better equipment

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