What lenses do you use/enjoy using with your Canon 6D?

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Re: What lenses do you use/enjoy using with your Canon 6D?

cybersimba wrote:

The purpose of this thread is to get a poll of some common lenses people use with Canon 6D. The objective is not to gather just the list of lenses people use but if they have any comments about some of those lenses as to why they are more appropriate for 6D or how 6D makes those lenses shine in a new light



My most-used lens is my 50/1.4. Not such a great lens, but 50 focal length really works well for most of what I do, and I have not been able to find another 50 that is enough better to replace, when everything is considered. I like the pictures from this pretty well, when it focuses right.

I also use my 90 macro a lot, more for close-ups of pets than for actual macro, though I do a fair amount of that, too. This lens gets quite a lot of use, everything from pets to flowers to just taking insanely detailed pictures of stuff sitting within a few feet of me for the fun of it.

I use my 85/1.8 a lot for portraits. It isn't so good for pets, the minimum focus distance is too far. The more I use this lens, the more I am impressed by it. I rented a Sigma 85/1.4 for a few days, and other than being able to shoot at wider aperture than 2, which I really don't anyway, my 85/1.8 was pretty close. Again, not an outstanding lens, but the price-to-performance ratio, combined with my actual needs, means I probably will not be replacing it with something else anytime soon. I do really like this focal length, and like having an 85 on my camera. I really loved the feel of my 6D with the Sigma!

I am really hoping that Canon will update the 50 and the 85 sometime soon. My biggest concern with that is that they will make them 2.0, so no room to stop down to get more sharpness. That would be fine, if they make then sharp wide open, but I don't know that is too likely to happen. If not, I would stick with my 20-year-designs. What I would really like to see is something between the consumer lenses and the L lenses, but that doesn't seem likely. Something with really great optics, but still plastic and other cost-saving approaches. Plus, of course, you pay for the L designation, and the red ring. I can live without that, I just want good lenses.

The only other lens I have is the 28/2.8 IS. I got that for the rare times I shoot wide angle. I have not really used it that much, but so far an not that impressed with it. It could just be the problem is that I am not that into that perspective.

I keep trying to decide on what lens to get next, but like I said above, I don't really see a compelling reason to replace what I have, and I don't really shoot long range, so I don't need long primes. I have rented the 135/2 a couple of times, based on its reputation, but honestly it hasnt really grabbed me. I mostly think of it as a good lens for outdoor portraits, but the ones I have shot with it really didn't seem that sharp, The ability to to give wonderful background blur is nice, though, and the pictures I got from it had sort of a dreamy quality. But I don't know, the next money I spend may be for the good Canon flash, to replace my cheap manual one, as I want to do high-speed sync. Or, maybe another strobe, or some more lighting modifiers.


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Not because I think they are good, but because I would like to improve (feel free to provide me with feedback):

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