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Stacey_K wrote:

And I would hope I captured the image in camera well enough to not need to do any major color/exposure adjustments to the JPEG. If I did screw up bad enough to have to "lean hard" on a slider, that is when I go back and start with the RAW file.

You say: RAW is for "if I did screw up." JPEG is for when you shoot "well enough to not need major . . . adjustments." That's a way of thinking about photographic technique that applies value judgments to specific decisions and outcomes--value judgments that not everyone here shares or wants to share.

Note: I am talking about my process. I'm not sure why you take my feeling about my workflow so personally. If you want to shoot -RAW only- for everything you do, go right ahead. FOR ME (do you understand this concept, I am talking about myself here), I really only shoot RAW to cover for when I screw up or the rare case where the lighting is so weird, I need to do some heavy PP gymnastics to save the shot. Or the equally rare case for me where there are really vibrant colors in the image and I plan to fine art print it. Notice when I said when I screw up, I'm talking about myself. My style isn't to heavily post process my images. If I did, I'd probably shoot RAW only. If other people want to shoot RAW only for whatever reason, I never judged them as screw ups or incompetent.

I still believe a lot of people don't really understand why they are shooting RAW or if they need to be using a RAW only workflow. They just do it either out of habit or that's what they were taught to do. From many of the images I have seen from "RAW only shooters" nothing about the image would require shooting RAW only.

No one begrudges your right to talk about how you do what you do.

Clearly you do, because this is all I am doing, telling people how I work. You personally flamed me in another thread for explaining how I work and you are on your way to doing it again.

But I begrudge the trope you use to do it. I don't think Mario Testino is screwing anything up.

Did I say "The only reason OTHER PEOPLE shoot RAW is because they screw up every shot"? Of course not. And note I said if people find a need to do major types of color adjustments, they should work from a RAW file. If I am shooting landscapes or a shot with a wide gamut I want to fine art print it, I work from the RAW file. That is very rare for me.

But I do find it odd people seem to believe every shot must come from a processed RAW file to be good. And that many people seem to not even bother capturing a JPEG and just assume it's useless. Then I read them complaining about long hours of PPing images from an event or a vacation...

I don't think you're an authority on any technique or needs beyond your own.

I never said I was. I do believe I have a good workflow for doing event photography and/or large numbers of portraits, to spend less time in front of the computer. I get paid by the job, not the hour so the less time I spend PP after a shoot, the more money per hour of my time I am making.

If others want to work "RAW ONLY" and spend 10-15 minutes per shot PPing, because they don't want to spend some time on the front end setting up the camera for the conditions (or they don't even capture a JPEG at all), I honestly could care less. I'm not the one spending hours in front of a computer screen for no pay.

(Who is?) If people want to shoot RAW for reasons you don't personally understand, you'd get more out of curiosity than judgment--out of asking why rather than using a narrow trope to stamp it all unnecessary.

I have asked why and the answer I get most of the time is "why not?" (see the answer above). Note the OP doesn't seem to grasp even basic color management yet shoots only RAW. Do you honestly think he really understands why he is shooting RAW? My money is he read somewhere real photographers only shoot RAW, so that's what he does.

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