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Re: Soft image in print

asolov wrote:

DonSC wrote:

Prints usually work best when the image on screen looks overly sharpened. If you do a Google search I'm sure you'll find plenty of references.

Is it suggested then to develop different versions of the same image, one for print and one for on screen viewing?

Absolutely. Sensible low amount of sharpen for screen, more sharpening for a small screen like a digital picture frame, and different again for print, but print size dependent. A small print may need to be sharpened differently/more that a larger print.

Anyhow, I leave that all up to Qimage Ultimate where I deliver a screen view subtly sharpened image and the software will auto sharpen to suit the print size requested either to printer or to file to send to lab.

As far as the image, does it look sharp? I am still testing the GX7 + 14mm pancake combo. It's perfect for me as far as size, weight and convenience goes, but I am still questioning whether I should consider Olympus m43 or start looking at larger sensors or, perhaps, just bite the bullet and carry a larger Panasonic 7-14 lens (which is a pain on more adventurous trips).

A little under-exposed made it a bit noisier than it should be and the detail is not as sharp as I would have expected for a 14mm lens. But I'm spoiled by my 12-40/2.8

Here below: - left is the original jpeg as downloaded, middle is auto correction by FastStone Viewer plus my micro contrast fiddle of unsharp mask with largest radius and very low strength, then right side is final effort with more unsharp mask, this time small radius and low to medium strength, done for the screen and not for printing but would print better than the original.

View original to get an idea of what I see.

Displayed on my screen at 60%, seems better than 100% to judge how it may look as a large print.

Regards....... Guy

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