Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: One word: latitude.

Robin Casady wrote:

Yes, you can do a lot in RAW if you are using Lightroom with brush layers, etc.

I use CNX2 for RAW work and just have never seen a need to be doing any major color adjustments outside of the RAW software. I also try to avoid needing to do local color adjustments, this is one reason I own several different camera bodies. I've found some of them are better than others for specific tasks. But it's easy enough in CNX2 to do local adjustments.

I'm sure some people laugh, but for shooting people outdoors, I'll still be most likely to grab my D200 for this type shooting. Most of the time I end up doing nothing other than a crop. This weekend I was shooting indoors and out so used my D7000. The output and style of the shots didn't require using FX. I guess some people would rather always shoot with one camera and deal with everything in post. Just a different way of working.

I'm more inclined to try to get it the best I can when shooting and do as little PP as possible. It's probably from shooting slide film for so many years. I know this weekend I am glad this is the way I work, in less than an hour I had all the shots from the event I shot PP'd and emailed to the client. If I hadn't worried about setting the WB and/or was sloppy with exposure and had to go through every RAW file correcting each one, it would have taken hours to PP.

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