Suggestions for macro lens for EM10

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Suggestions for macro lens for EM10

I'm sorta confused about macro options.

I've tried macro tubes with my kit 14-42, but I have to get pretty close to the subject.

I was thinking of trying the reverse mount option, but I think I'd still have to get pretty close, and risk messing up the rear of my lens (this is for outdoor stuff).

I've tried the macro filters, but haven't been super happy with results.

So I thought I'd try a Canon FD macro, with a mount. I use manual focus anyway, and this seemed like a cheap way to maybe get a real macro lens, a used FD mount and adapter.

But I'm a bit confused about these lenses and the implications for use on a M43. First, I noticed in blurbs about M43 lenses I'd see 1:2, which would mean an object would be half it's size on the sensor, but that this really meant a 1:1 ratio because of the 2x crop factor. OK, made sense, like with focal length (although I dunno why with a M43 lens it isn't assumed because the real ratio is 1;1 on the sensor).

So if I got say one of the Canon FD 50mm macros that say 1:2.8, what does this really mean on a M43 camera, especially with use of an adapter? 1:1.4? would the 50mm really be a 100mm?

I'm wondering because I want some good magnification, like 1:1, but without being right on top of the subject.

And some of the Canon FDs I see on eBay seem to have a telescoping body, so that although they are 50mm they're also a zoom? Kinda confuses me. Some don't seem to have it (although that may be done to the pictures or description). Do all macro lenses have that ability to zoom?

And what about a macro zoom? I see bunches of those cheap on eBay as well.



Olympus OM-D E-M10
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