Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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R Vaquero
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Re: Provided you use full colour management

Stacey_K wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

R Vaquero wrote:

Simple: always shoot in Adobe RGB mode, it's a wider colour space and the best to process the images.

...provided your monitor is calibrated and profiled (with a hardware colorimiter)

And is a wide gamut monitor. Just having a calibrated monitor doesn't insure you can see aRGB while editing.

I've said this before, most people, especially if you shoot jpegs, should just use sRGB.

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If you shoot jpgs and then process or retouch them, you get more quality colour range if they are shot in Adobe RGB space and after process you convert them to sRGB- only if it's really needed to print and the lab asks for this profile.

If the files are not going to be post processed, then shooting in sRGB is a good idea. And yes, I know about the convenience of shooting RAW and so I do it, but I agree that a lot of times the JPG is the best and more practical option. Many people don't understand this, but it's only a question to choose the best option on behalf of the practical result.

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