Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: Just use sRGB

brianric wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

Greg lamont wrote:

I guess I should have said from the beginning that I ONLY shoot in Raw.


Why not?

It creates an extra step to PP for one thing.

What do you think that people always shoot in a studio and can control their lighting. I do event photography and I do not have control 98% of the time when I shoot.

I shoot event photography as well. With a little work before hand, I can usually get the WB in camera pretty close and the OOC JPEGS require little to no processing. Maybe a levels touch and a crop. Greatly speeds up PP after the event. I don't get the point of not at least trying to get a good OOC JPEG.

I've been shooting raw 100% of the time since 2003 and have no intention of changing.

I've been shooting JPEG + RAW for at least that long and, at least for me, I find if I spend a little time adjusting the camera right, I only need the RAW file's extra latitude about 1% of the time.

I know my position on this is counter to most people's, they teach "real photographers ONLY shoot RAW". I've just found working to get it right in camera to be a lot less work than just shooting and fixing it all later in post. Maybe this workflow comes from my 20+ years of shooting film, mostly slide film, before I switched to digital.

I'm shocked no one else has noticed the OP is asking what color space to use for his monitor profile...

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