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Re: Good News, Bad News, Good News

I just got one for my NX2000. It worked flawlessly with the stock flash, BUT (there is always a "but", isn't there ) I have small concerns:

The coil is way too strong. Maybe I am being paranoid but it feels like I am putting strain on the hot shoe when I move around with the camera (and a fixed flash on tripod). You literally need the bolt the flash down if you are not holding it with the other hand because the cord can easily yank a tipod off before it extends. It might break in with time but at the moment it is way too stiff for my taste...

I have seen extender cables for other brands where the wire extrudes from the side of the mount, although front seems to be the common practice. Maybe because the NX2000 is too small, the cable always gets in the way, especially with short lenses. It is even worse on the flash side if you are using the the stock. Side or back cable placement would have been more convenient I guess...

Anyways I still have a lot to learn, so back to practicing

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