Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: Just use sRGB

Stacey_K wrote:

Greg lamont wrote:

So are you saying to change the monitor (listed in prefs):
Here are Nikon ones:

Don't take this the wrong way or personally please. If you are asking which -working color space- you should use for a -monitor profile-, you do not understand color management at all. Unless you plan to read a couple of books on this subject and invest in a wide gamut monitor + calibration hardware, just use sRGB and enjoy your new camera. Especially given the printer you mention, you won't see ANY difference in the final output using aRGB etc.

I would suggest you do RAW + JPEG capture even if you don't plan to process the RAW files right now. Possibly in the future you might expand your processing skills and having the RAW file will allow you to do more with those images later. I use JPEGs and sRGB 99% of the time but I still capture RAW in case I need more information than the JPEG has captured or I plan to print it out on a high end printer, which is maybe 1% of my images.

I guess I should have said from the beginning that I ONLY shoot in Raw.
I am 71 years old and had my own darkroom, I am still amazed at what can be accomplished today.
As a (funny) side note, 2 years ago I thought I was having problems with my WB on the Camera as everything looked yellowish.
I had my normal eye exam and was told I needed surgery, after I had new eye lens put in everything appeared normal again, in fact I had to go back and redo the Temp and Tint for about 6 months of pictures.
So with buying the new camera body I wanted to make sure the setting was right, failing to do a little research about RAW having no effect on the color space setting.
One more thing, to all you younger photo shooters, you have no idea how lucky you are not having to deal with a darkroom.
The time was a long process BUT fun.

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