Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Shoot raw, and open in Prophoto. Once ready to post to web or to print, convert to the appropriate color space (sRGB for web, and appropriate colorspace for your printer).

Because Prophoto is a larger gamut, the steps between values are larger.

Which = greater chance for posterization. I don't get why using a color space way larger than any colors in the image is preached as being the best path.

Agreed.  The working space ideally needs to be only large enough to contain all the colours in the image, no benefit in more.  Most images contain few if any pixels outside sRGB.  However, most camera sensors can record colours beyond Adobe RGB, so if shooting raw then you need a working space wider than Adobe RGB if you want to guarantee recording all image colours.  Assuming you've got a monitor or printer that can display them, that is.

A smaller color space will have finer graduations between each color.

True, and that's important for 8-bit data.  I think it's best not to use 8-bit data for any colour space wider than Adobe RGB.  With 16-bit data, the steps between adjacent levels are small enough not to be significant even for wide colour spaces.

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