Why Can't I Post my RAW images from IPhoto on DPReview forums?

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Re: Why Can't I Post my RAW images from IPhoto on DPReview forums?

noirdesir wrote:

Nikon raw file, posted from the iPhoto library via the media browser

Screenshot of doing the above


Image exported as PNG to desktop (medium size)

I sometimes had problems in the past posting png files here, it worked without problems this time though.

There are three general purpose ways to get images out of iPhoto: (1) Export, (2) Drag to desktop or anywhere in the Finder or into any place that can receive an image (eg, the application icons in the Dock), and (3) Using the media browser that is accessible in a file open dialogue box at the bottom left.

And for those lazy enough to not launch iPhoto to answer dlevitts guess on file formats iPhoto can export to, these are: jpg, tiff, and png. iPhoto can sends the image in its original file format to external editors (which can be a tiff, jpeg, or png). With raw files, one can chose between sending a jpeg or the actual raw file.

You are right. I guess the problem that I was having all along here was that I was trying to export the file in "Full Size" and DPReview wasn't taking it. When I switched to "Large Size" DPReview will take it whether it is a PNG or Current RAW.

Thank you for your help. Both you and dlevitt were very helpful to me. I'm very happy that I can post photos again. Here is example of both the PNG and RAW working for me now... http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/54187546

Thank you both for your help!

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