Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

dct1 wrote:

Greg lamont wrote:

I purchased the D610 and previously had the D7000 and I cannot remember which setting I had the 7000 set up with for the Color Space menu item:
SRGB or Adobe RGB.
I use Mac Aperture and Photo Elements 12.
I rarely print prints anymore, but I do have a color print Photo copier ( HP All in One).

Preferences anyone?

For posting your photos online, sRGB will work just fine. However, if in the future you decide to go "Pro" and maybe print your images as Fine Art and possibly show them in a gallery you will definitely wish you had shot in RAW. The difference becomes apparent when images are printed on a high-end printer such as HP's Z3200ps, or one of Canon or Epson's pro level printers. I know for a fact there's a difference between JPEGs and TIFFs, because I print pro photographer's images on large format printers for a living. Shoot RAW + JPEG and you'll always have the option of going back and processing those RAW images as Adobe RGB, 16-bit TIFFs for maximum image quality for fine art prints. You may require some extra storage capacity when shooting RAW, but even three terabyte external back-up hard drives are fairly inexpensive.

This is GREAT advice. Shoot sRGB JPEGs but also save a RAW file in case the image is a great one worth the extra editing for fine art printing. I see people posting cat pictures saying "Of course I shot RAW..." and just face palm.

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