Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: "It's the photographer" is a condescending and incomplete cliche

This is also part of the camera marketing that suggests if you get the latest wizbang camera, you too can make the photo of your wife to look like a fashion model and so the one who looks at your photo of beautiful model will invariably ask if you used the latest wizabang cam.

OUCH! I hope your wife never sees this post!

But - I suggest that a photographer built the first camera, so it really does have to be the photographer every time.

This whole argument would vanish if we judged every photo for what it is and not on who or what made it.

No one who's spent a few grand on gear wants to hear that a $20 book on composition would improve his work more than a $1000 lens

That book on composition would only show him or her how to artistically improve a photo within the technical limits of the particular camera used. A sharper lens will still deliver a sharper picture.

You've just proved my point , "only", "artistically", please!

Why is sharper better? What are your universal criteria?  Mine are simple, does the shot achieve it's  aims or not? Is the aim to convey an emotion or accurately reproduce a test chart?

Online there are billions  of superbly exposed and processed images of everything. A few stand out because they are crafted, "composed" and created by someone's particular vision.

The art and craft of picture making is often seen as a sort of excuse for sloppy technique but in fact creativity usually demands a very high technical capability.

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