Some thoughts on the FZ1000...

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Some thoughts on the FZ1000...

...and why I probably will not buy one.

First off, it's a great camera in many respects, and I think it may be the beginning (along with the RX10) of a new wave of camera designs with the 1" sensor and a fixed zoom lens.

Now to some observations.

1) It's BIG, slightly larger than a Canon T5i with the kit lens mounted; although not as heavy.  It's also bigger than the RX10, the FZ200, Stylus 1, P7800, and Canon G15, and Canon SL1.

2) My wife and I like to travel.  Mostly cruises (44 so far) and some guided land tours.  So air travel is involved, and weight and bulk are important.

3) Unless some kind of organized wildlife watching is on the itinerary (a bird sanctuary, the Galapagos Islands, whale watching, etc.) I found years ago that 200 mm was enough reach for me.  And if I am going to one of those places, the FZ200 has worked just fine; providing high quality borderless 8.5" x 11" prints.

4) If I'm going by car, I'll take my DSLR and lenses and either the S95 or my G15 for my pocket.

5) I can add an SL1 body and use my Canon 18-135 STM lens for 29-216 mm reach for about $450 bought new, and it's just about the same size and weight as the FZ1000 and half the price.  I probably won't do that either; but it is an alternative for me.

OK, so I've just explained why the FZ1000 probably isn't for me.  But I do have a few more thoughts.

The FZ100 and Sony RX10 are "do everything" cameras.  They are not waterprooof and they are not pocketable; but for most everything else, they really do "do everything", and they do it pretty darn well!  So, if you only have one camera, or one camera and a pocket camera (or your cell phone) it's a really good choice.

The advertised weights for the FZ1000 and RX10 (and also my FZ200) are low.  They do include the battery and a memory card; but not a neck strap, lens cap, hood, and filter.  The 21 oz. FZ200 goes to 23.4 fully equipped.  So the FZ1000 will grow from 29 oz. to more like 32-33 oz. when complete.

One thing the fixed lens cameras have going for them is AF accuracy.  They use CDAF and it's a closed loop system.  DSLR's use PDAF, which is good for tracking moving subjects; but it's open loop and unless calibrated, can have front and back focus errors.  So, unless the subject is moving quickly, the odds are that your FZ1000 will be more accurately focused.  My Canon 70D does have Micro Focus Adjust and my shots are spot on for focus.  But I have lots of shots from the past that are slightly front or back focused.

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