Kilimanjaro climb- GoPro advice please

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Re: Kilimanjaro climb- GoPro advice please

Langgre wrote:

Hi, I'm doing a charity kilimanjaro climb, for which I plan to buy a GoPro camera.
My original plan was to film the whole thing using a head strap and then edit it to speed it all up into 10 minutes or so.

There is hardly any reason to want to capture all 25,000 steps of "the whole thing."

A five-day climb, sped to 10 minutes, would be ultra-jerky.  Two minutes of select clips played at "normal" speed might convey sufficient scenes of human hind-sides climbing up cinders as they huff and puff.   If the camera is on a head strap, the shots would bob about vertiginously.

It will be hard to retain an audience for lengthy POV shots.  A few sequences, taken at the start, middle, and approach to the summit, might be more than enough.  But you'd not want to consist solely of hind-sides or rocks on the trail.  Were the climbers to sing and yodel en route, that might be charming, but I doubt they will.  Time lapse of a sunrise or sunset might be interesting.  All this you could achieve with maybe three or four batteries.  Just make sure they are properly "primed" (used once or twice) and charged.  You might want to take along a "travel zoom" for shots from the summit, or at camps, to supplement the GoPro, whose shots are very wide angle and a bit fish-eyed.  If you are in very good shape, and don't mind the added weight, perhaps the second camera could be something larger.

Inteviews with fellow climbers during the trek might be interesting, provided they are willing, not overwhelmed by altitude sickness, or less taciturn than some half-goat mountaineers.  Maybe some guides or vendors you meet along the way will be colorful story-tellers or braggarts.

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